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Carpet for an NZ rest-home


Choosing a carpet for an NZ rest-home

To the man in the street, the requirement for a carpet for a rest-home would appear the same as any other carpet. Actually, things are very different. If people were to look at the options available in just home carpeting alone, then they would realise the variety in carpeting that is available in the market. So too are the options available in rest-home carpet. Not only is the carpet different from the regular residential carpeting, but there are also numerous options available within the rest-home carpet category.

Why does the rest-home carpet have to be different?

The carpet needs to be different simply because the usage patterns are very different from the average home use. In the domestic usage, there are fewer people using the carpet. There would be the immediate family members, a few visitors and the fewer still tradesmen that use the average home carpet. Moreover, for most part of the working day, these people would not be in the home, thereby leaving the carpet free of traffic.

Mobility scooter
Mobility scooter

In a rest-home, there are few times that the carpet is not being used. Many more people than the average home use it on a daily basis. There is a significant increase in the trades people who provide services, deliveries etc. Of course there are the workers and carers that look after the residents. And of course, the residents themselves who will be in the home for far longer than regular people in their house or apartment.

To top it all the usage that the carpet is put to in a rest-home has a different pattern to it. There could be wheel chair bound residents, and others who use a walking stick or frame. All of these aids tend to put more pressure and wear on the carpet especially those in high traffic pathways or corridors.

Cleaning causes more wear

As the traffic and usage of the carpet increases the frequency and mode of cleaning the carpet also differs. The residents being elder citizens would tend to spill fluids and food onto the carpet more than adults in a regular domestic setting. This calls for a more through and strenuous cleaning regimen than the average home. Also the frequency of cleaning too is more in the case of a rest-home carpet.

The methods used for cleaning too is much more harsh with powerful disinfectants and other cleaning agents are used on the rest-home carpet compared to the home carpet. In addition to the strength of the cleaning agents, the frequency is much higher too. Rest-homes are cleaned almost every day as compared to the weekly cleaning of the average home.

All these do take a toll on the life of the rest-home carpet and calls for a higher standard carpet to be used

Factors in deciding upon a rest-home carpet

NZ rest home carpet
NZ rest home carpet

Given the strenuous life cycle of the rest-home carpet, it makes it all the more sense to use an enduring one. A carpet with a nylon base is really tough and much more hard wearing than other fibre materials. Nylon being extremely durable and would stand up to more wear and tear that the carpet would be put to. It also has the added advantage of being waterproof.

Since a synthetic material like nylon is highly inflammable, the carpet need to be treated with some fire retarding chemicals. It is also treated for colour fastness.

However another common problem for rest home managers is that odours that can develop. This is often due to the spillages that were mentioned before. Food or drink can easily get trodden into the fibre of the carpet and begin to slowly rot. To overcome this it is recommended to get specialist treatments for rest home carpet that are resistant and neutralise unpleasant odours.


There are a lot of factors that need to be considered in making a carpet that will last longer than a standard commercial or domestic carpet. But inevitably these improvements and treatments also come with an increase in the price. You need to work out the cost benefit of the initial investment compared to the longer life and better maintenance as well as the health benefits for the residents. If you contact a professional rest home carpet supplier, they will be able to help you with assessing the cost advantages of using specialist rest-home carpet in NZ aged-care facilities.

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