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Carpet Tiles For Office Use

Carpet Tiles For Office Use You Will Like

If you have a business and you are thinking about changing the interior decor, one of the easiest ways to do this is to change your floor covering. This can be expensive but if you already have carpet tiles laid, then it can be a lot more affordable.

Boardroom carpet tiles
Boardroom carpet tiles

If you are trying to put in a new office or expanding your current one, you might want to consider matching all of your tiles by getting everything new. In this article, we will show you how to get carpet tiles for office use that will not only match your decor, but save you quite a bit of money as a result of finding distributors and wholesalers that specialise in commercial carpet tiles.

Different Types Of Carpet Tile

Before you go out and purchase new tiles from a company just to get the job done, you might want to consider all the different types that are available. For instance, if you are primarily doing something indoors, this will be very different than the types of tile that you will want to get for any outdoor setting. In most cases, carpet squares that are used outside are much more durable and can withstand the weather regardless of where you happen to live. Therefore you need to make be sure you get the right type of tile to prevent accidents in your workplace. However, if you’re just looking for something for your office, you can simply get indoor ones. These can have the right texture and colour that will either match your corporate identity or provide a harmonious working environment. There are loads of choices available.

Adhesives For Floor Tiles

Another thing to consider is the type of adhesive that you are going to use in order to fix your tiles down. Unlike regular broad-loom carpet which is simply rolled out and fixed via stretchers and staple guns, you will use some type of adhesive, just like ceramic or vinyl tiles, to put them into place. Make sure that if you are doing this for yourself that you ask the person at the home improvement store which type of adhesive is best for heavy-use carpet squares. If you use the wrong type, especially that which is used for ceramic or stone tiles, it may not adhere to the tiles and you may be left with quite a mess to sort out at a later date.

The Difference between Indoor And Outdoor Carpet Tiles

When you look at outdoor carpet tile, it will be a little flatter and feel much more durable and solid. In regard to indoor carpet tiles, if you were walking barefoot over it, it is going to have a nice soft feeling instead. What you want to do is make sure that you have a proper balance between a commercial quality carpet tile and one that you will definitely enjoy looking at and walking on. In general terms, the more durable the tile is, the more money you will end up paying.

Finding Commercial Carpet Tiles

Office carpet tiles
Blue carpet tiles

You will not find higher grade carpet tiles in a regular carpet store or warehouse. To buy these you need to locate commercial suppliers and distributors. There are a number of commercial carpet outlets in Auckland such as Carlisle Commercial Carpets although this company does operate all over NZ.

They can advise on styles, patterns and arrange the measuring too so that you do not end up with too many spare tiles. While it is possible for most people to lay this tpye of carpeting, in all honesty, it will take an amateur much longer than a professional. And also, which business owner can afford to spend time crawling around on the floor. So Carlisle also have highly-trained carpet fitters who can lay your new flooring for you. This way you will have much better finish and get it done in half the time.

Category Archives: Commercial carpet tiles

Commercial Carpet Tiles: Choosing The Best One

Grey commercial carpet tileIt is well known that commercial carpet tiles are hard-wearing but in recent years there has been an increase in the range of styles and patterns available so that now they can be an attractive floor covering in your office or retail outlet.

However, choosing the best commercial quality carpet tiles for your business is not a simple topic since there are many factors to take into account. Increasingly one factor is that of comfort for both customers and staff especially if they are standing for long periods on the carpet tiles. Your staff will feel tried if their feet or legs start to ache. And if they are too tired or uncomfortable they will not be able to serve your customers as well as they should. This will affect your bottom line profits.

Foot traffic
The type of carpet tile you choose will depend on the sort of foot-traffic it will receive. For example, if your customers are in a dirty location or one that is likely to get wet, then they will bring in mud, grist and other particles which can quickly ruin or at least mark your carpet tiles. Therefore, if your location is one with higher levels of dirt or a chance of excess particulates, then you will need to find tougher grades of carpet tile.

These will be more expensive than standard commercial grade carpet tiles so, you should budget for that in your specification.

Just like any other project, it is essential that you budget correctly when you are looking for a new floor covering. It is easy to over spend or buy add-ons which you may not really need. On the other hand, you should not scrimp and pick the cheapest just because the price is lower. You will be wise to select a carpet tile supplier that offers the tiles you need even if they are a bit more expensive than some other wholesalers.

It is much better to have a higher budget that will provide the right outcome for you rather than being short of the required amount of money.

Replacement or Upgrade Cost
One sure thing in business is that things will wear-out over time, especially if they receive high usage. So ask your carpet supplier what they expect the life of your carpet tiles might be in your particular situation. That way you can plan for replacement costs. With carpet tiles, it is much easier to replace the parts that have worn out compared to a broad loom carpet. Also, since you may only need to replace certain smaller areas, this will not have a major disruptive effect on your business.

Carpet quality
As with most products, under most circumstances, the amount you should spend in usually does reflect the quality. However, you still need to do your homework and make sure the price you are paying does reflect the quality of the goods you are buying.

Carpet style
One thing that has changed a lot in the last few years is the extent of the colours, designs and styles of carpet tiles. There are many more to choose from now. While this gives you more choice, it can make to more difficult to come to a decision. However, in general, this breadth of range does mean that most people or companies will be able to find carpet tiles to suit their commercial application.

Finding commercial carpet tiles in New Zealand
There are plenty of carpet tile distributors and fitters around New Zealand but not all offer commercial grade carpet tiles so be sure that any company you talk to supplies industrial quality carpet tiles.Carpet tiles for hotels

One carpet distributor that specializes in commercial carpeting of all types is Carlisle Carpets in Auckland but operates all around New Zealand. They have a wide range of carpet tiles and experienced carpet fitters too. There are more details here for you.

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