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How Dirty Carpets Can Make You Lose Your Bond

All renters want to have their bond back after leaving a home. However, there are various reasons why homeowners refuse to return the full amount to their tenants at the end of lease. Dirty carpets are among the most popular excuses for not paying back the full bond. Here are some tips on what to do for end of tenancy cleaning Auckland for carpets that tenants can benefit from.

When carpets get very dirty or stained, they become very difficult to clean. If you try to rub them, you risk to destroy the fibre, therefore ruining the entire carpet. If you soak them too much, they might develop mould and mildew. Besides, in case of pet urine, even if you manage to get rid of the stains, removing the odour proves to be an extremely difficult task.

All these lead to the point that a homeowner would have to spend a lot of money on professional carpet cleaning services, in order to prepare their property for new tenants. Sometimes they may even have to replace these old carpets with new ones. Nobody would be willing to pay for all these from their own pocket, so they are going to return only a part of the bond to former renters. In some situations, they may decide not to return it at all, especially if the ruined or dirty carpets were very expensive.

Auckland carpet cleanersTo avoid such situations, end of tenancy carpet cleaning Auckland renters will benefit from especially for the carpets before asking your landlord to give you back your bond money. If needed, you should hire expert cleaning services to help you. Their price should be a lot smaller than the value of your bond, so you should think it over very well. These companies have expert staff and professional equipment, thus being able to do a much better job than the average tenant. Some of them offer end of lease cleaning services focused on all issues and details that might determine a landlord retain the bond. Besides, when you hire this type of services, you usually have a guarantee, so you won’t have to pay anything in case the furniture, the carpets or other assets are ruined. This can give you the peace of mind that you are going to be compensated for your loss, should the cleaners destroy anything in the house.

The end of lease inspection of a property is perhaps the most important moment in the life of a renter. Your main objective is to have your bond money returned to you, so you need to do everything in your power to show your ex-landlord you’ve been taking good care of their property and belongings. As dirty or stained carpets are the first to stand out in case of visual inspections, you need to make sure they are spotlessly clean. Accidental spills are quite common in all households, therefore nobody expects you to maintain those carpets in perfect condition. Nonetheless, you are expected to clean them properly before leaving the house, so there’s no wonder so many landlords refuse to return their leaving tenants the bond.

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