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Taupo Roofer – 3 Ways to Know You Need a New Roof

3 Ways to Know You Need a New Roof – Taupo Roofer


Taupo rooferReplacing a roof is a fairly hefty expenditure.  For that reason, people often put it off for as long as possible.  Unfortunately, this can create even bigger costs because of the damage that can be caused by a deficient roof. Leaking water, wind damage and so on. If you have a damaged roof, you should replace your roof right away, no matter what, and whether you want to or not.  Here are three tips from a Taupo roofer explaining if you need a new roof.

Dips In The Roof

It is easy to spot dips in the roof if you back far enough away from your house and look carefully.  Dips in the roof are exactly what they sound like: areas in the roof that are dipping below other areas.  They are often indicative of either rot or water swell in the foundation of the roof – both signs that it is time to replace your home’s roof.  Also, remember that your entire roof should be one even surface.  If the roof is not installed correctly, then small hollows can develop which leads to pooling of water rather than a full run-off from an even roof. Over time, this can add extra weight to the roof causing dips in the roof or sagging. A qualified Taupo roofer can easily give you some advice if you spot and dips in your roof.


Damaged Roof Tiles Or Shingles

Roof tiles are the protections for your whole house so it’s key that they are in first-rate condition. If the tiles or shingles are curling up, that generally indicates that a roof has reached the end of its life.  This is because the tiles have lost the protective coating and the harsh UV in Taupo is causing damage to the tile surface.

Your Leaking Roof

You may be able to stretch the life of a leaky roof with repairs, but if you notice that the leaks seem to be larger, or multiplying, it is likely that you will need to replace your roof altogether.  Keep in mind that some leaks are easier to spot than others.  While a puddle in the floor is obvious, you also need to be on the lookout for discolorations on your ceiling.  Any brown spots are indicative of moisture, which could be coming from a leaky roof.


Remember too that water can be getting under the roof into the wooden frame of your home. It is not an instantaneous problem but if the roof has lots of leaking areas, then you really must get it seen to before it causes further damage to the supporting structure of your home.


Ask A Taupo Roofer About The Condition Of Your Roof

There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting your roof repaired or replaced. Most people don’t know if a roof needs replacing or simply having a roof repaired. The best course of action is to contact an experienced Taupo roofer who can thoroughly assess the condition of your roof. You can look on No Cowboys or go directly to a Master Builder. They can then help you make those important decisions about whether or not you need a new roof.


If you have any doubts about the long-term condition of your roof, call Mat Staples on 021 285 1445. He is a Master Builder and has been renovating and building homes in Auckland for many years, and is a recent new resident in Taupo and Kinloch.

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