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3 Reasons People Consult An Orewa Lawyer

A consultation with an Orewa lawyer may take place for several reasons. Clients may be in need of legal services due to the situations they are dealing with, or will be facing at some point in the future. There are lawyers who take on different types of cases. In fact, it all depends on the types of cases they feel most comfortable working on for the clients.


Dealing With Criminal Charges


One of the main reasons people consult with lawyers is because they’re dealing with criminal charges and aren’t sure what to do next. They may have been accused of committing some type of crime and could be facing jail time due to the nature of those crimes. When someone is charged with a crime, it’s typically a frightening situation for them, especially if they’re not actually guilty of doing anything. They would need to retain a defense lawyer to represent them in the courtroom and assist them with their legal woes.


An Orewa Lawyer For Getting a Divorce


Some people consult with an Orewa lawyer because they are planning to divorce their partner. They may no longer be happy in the marriage. There is a possibility that their partner cheated, lied, or did other things to cause the marriage to come to an end. If someone wants to get a divorce, they’ll need to know the right steps to take to make sure it gets done properly. In that case, it would be wise of the individual to consult with a divorce attorney about the situation while learning more of what he or she can expect of the divorce process.

Fighting For Custody


Parents who aren’t getting time with their children may reach out to a custody lawyer in an attempt to get a new custody agreement put in place. One parent could fight for full custody of the children if he or she feels the children aren’t safe with the other parent due to negligence, drugs, or other potentially dangerous situations the other parent may be involved in. In some instances, grandparents are fighting for custody of the children because both parents are negligent, and the children are suffering as result of the negligence.


Orewa lawyerThese are three of the primary reasons people consult with lawyers, but they’re certainly not the only reasons people choose to hire professionals to assist them with different situations. It’s important for anyone to have a lawyer by their side when they’re buying a home, trying to get spousal support, or even looking to file a lawsuit against someone else because of something they’ve done. Some law firms specialize in taking on certain types of cases. The best way to make sure you’re being represented by someone with experience is to choose a lawyer who takes on cases that are similar to the one you might have.


Overall, lawyers play such a significant role in the modern world. Many have a broad understanding of the different laws while others are more specialised. A good Orewa lawyer will be able to help a lot of people with their legal woes. One well respected lawyer that services the Orewa area is McVeagh Fleming and Co. They are focused on helping their clients with different situation.

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