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Wellington SEO Agency – How Meta Tags Help Your Google Ranks

How Meta Tags And Title Tags Are Used In Search Engine Optimisation


When it comes to search engine optimisation and title tags, there are some questions that website owners tend to have. Does every web page need to have its own separate title?  Is there a limit to the title tag?  Do title tags have maximum limits?  Is it a good idea to use meta tags? For some insight, the following from a Wellington SEO agency can help.


It is required by the World Wide Web Consortium that each HTML document have its own title element located in the head section of the code.  They also say that this title element should identify the content of each individual page.


There are four separate roles that title tags play online.


Better chance of your content being used by other people

The first role that is fulfilled by the title tag is what directory editors, webmaster, and publishers use for linking to other websites.  When a title tag is well written it is much more likely to be reviewed more quickly than one that is incomprehensible or written poorly.  For help with your meta tags we are happy to offer some thoughts and assistance at our Wellington SEO agency.


More chance of your page being clicked in searches

A title tag is the text that is displayed in the searcher’s browser.  Displaying these title tags in the web user’s browsers lets them know exactly where they need to go back to if they want to return to the website at another time in the future.  Typically, Google will display the title tag’s initial sixty characters. If the tag is longer, then Google will show dots or ellipses.


Good tags tell the search engines what your page is about

Search engines consider the title tag to be among the most important pieces of information that web searchers can be given.


A good title tag will clearly indicate what the content of a web page is to users. When a title tag is clear it is much more likely that users will add to their favourites list.  A good title tag will usually have a length of less than sixty-five characters.  You should type title tags in title case.  There should also be headers included in the title case.


In terms of search engine optimisation, the title or the home page is usually the first thing that is looked at by the web crawlers when they are ranking web pages.  Your home page title introduces your website.  It is very important to ensure that your title tags sound like they are credible.


Unique tags for each page

Every page on your website needs to have its own unique title.  Meta tags are special HMTL tags which contain information on a webs page.  The web page’s display isn’t affected by the meta tags.  Although meta tags get directly placed in the HTML code, web users do not see them.  Meta tags are used by search engines to categorize web pages correctly.  Meta tags are critical components of SEO.


The importance of meta tags

It is very important that you remember that Meta tags definitely aren’t a magic solution to guarantee the success of your website.  The most valuable thing that Meta tags offer for website owners is being able to control, at least to a certain extent, how the search engines describe their web pages.  Meta tags also can enable website owner from preventing their websites from being indexed.


Meta tag keywords provide an extra test that can be used by web crawlers for indexing for the search engines.  In theory that is great, but the crawlers of several major search engines ignore the HTML and completely focus on the web page’s body.


Other tags for your website

There are two more tags to consider.


The first is the alt-tag which can be thought of as a title for images on your page. As with other tags use a keyword in the alt-tag.


The last tag to use is the h tag. These are headlines of varying degree and are shown as lower case like h1, h2, etc.


The bigger the number the bigger the headline; h1 is the title of the page,  h2 is the title of the article, h3 subheads and so on.


If you need help researching, and writing your meta tags, this is one the services we offer at this Wellington SEO agency.


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