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Carpet Tiles for Office Fit-outs


Why I Decided to Use Carpet Tiles for Office Fit-outs

There are many things a business owner has to keep in mind when undertaking an office fit-out. Many of the time things can get out of hand as the business owner is confused as to what needs the highest priority in the fit-out. Staff will be clamouring for different aspects to meet their own preferences. Plus the accountant will be applying pressure about spending. As most business owners know, presentation is everything and when that is neglected a business is almost sure to fail in one respect or another. Thus, one of the key aspects that a business owner has to be mindful of is the flooring of the office space. Carpet tiles in an office fit out are truly the superior option for any business owner to use when deciding what flooring they want for their office.

Office carpet tiles
Office carpet tiles

There are many inherent problems with going with traditional carpet when doing an office fit-out. First of all is the fact that carpet is very expensive. This is especially true for the better quality carpets on the market which are made with high quality cotton materials. When going with carpet tiles, this cost is reduced significantly. Carpet tiles can be made of much cheaper and more durable materials such as synthetics and vinyl materials. Choosing a cheaper material is better for the business and leaves more money to be spent on potential profit garnering investments.


Another factor about choosing carpet tile flooring is the ease of replacement. One very large problem in large office spaces is spills and carpet damage. Having a large number of employees working at the office will often lead to the occasional spill onto the carpet. This can have disastrous effects for the business if the stain is left untreated, and thus must be dealt in an instant. If the flooring was regular carpet, then professionals would have to be hired and they would usually take a few days to replace the carpet area.

NZ office fitout arpet tile
Light blue carpet tile

This is not a problem when using carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are installed as tiles and therefore can be easily removed just like regular tiles. They often incorporate a feature which allows them to be removed without the use of a professional. In fact, even the employee them-self who made the damage or stain will be able to remove and replace the tile without the help of anyone else. Such a thing makes productivity in the office much better in the long run.

Making the office space clean and tidy is the highest priority for any business owner in regards to a new office fit-out. So, as stated, making sure that the flooring is good is definitely very important for a better business experience.

It is well accepted in business that making sure that office presentation is professional works wonders for a company. If the appearance of the office is below standard even in such a small aspect as a small stain in the flooring, business can suffer significantly. If a prospective business partner was to meet the company owner in their office, and the potential colleague notices a stain on the flooring of the office, his view of the firm will drop significantly. This could lead to huge costs to the business as potential dealings will not go through and may lead to sackings of certain employees as they have become redundant.

Reception carpet tiles
Reception carpet tiles

As we can see there are many reasons why any business owner needs to be very shrewd when it comes to flooring. The proprietor needs to go for carpet tiles instead of regular broadloom carpet if they wish to have better profits for the business and build a stronger image in the community. In addition, carpet tiles can be much cheaper than regular carpet which will allow for greater profits in the business.

For your next office ft-out, carpet tiles will be a good option. If you want more details about the range of office carpet tiles in NZ, Carlisle is one of the biggest suppliers of office carpet tiles. They can advise on style, design and the type that will suit your office. You can see some examples at their website. Click here for some ideas.



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