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Manukau Divorce Lawyer


Manukau Divorce Lawyer – How Can They Help?

A divorce lawyer can help you in many ways when you want to file for divorce and during the divorce process. That is why it is a good idea to look for a good divorce lawyer when dealing with a divorce. Here are the ways a Manukau divorce lawyer can help you during the divorce process:


Will Help You Deal with Legal Issues Related to Your Divorce

When you first meet with a Manukau divorce lawyer, he or she will tell you what to expect and prepare you for what lies ahead. He or she will also investigate any legal issues that could happen during the divorce process. It may be hard for you to anticipate any legal issues related to your divorce process and this is one of the major reasons why it is good to look for a good divorce lawyer to help you. Currently, with the Covid-19 lockdown, some Manukau divorce lawyers are arranging meetings via online video tools like Skype or Zoom. McVeagh Fleming is doing that so people can start to understand their situation and options.


Divorce Lawyers Offer Objective Advice

Couple arguingThe divorce process is usually emotional and it is good to seek advice from a person who will offer objective advice during such a process. The best person to do this is a divorce lawyer. Such advice will help you focus more on important things like support and custody issues instead of your former spouse or your marriage. The lawyer will help you focus on the big picture and compromise on some things to get a good deal. This is something that you cannot do all by yourself.


A Manukau Divorce Lawyer Will Ensure You Get The Asset Value You Deserve

Sometimes, people hide their assets during the divorce process. If your former spouse does this, a divorce lawyer will use tools of discovery and locate the hidden assets. A divorce lawyer will also explain how property is supposed to be divided upon the dissolution of the marriage.  In NZ, relationship property is divided equally so do not fear if your partner is trying to force you to accept a smaller proportion or deny you income. Just be careful not to sign any documents until you have spoken to a divorce lawyer.


A Divorce Lawyer Helps with Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements

A divorce lawyer can help you retain access to your children by ensuring that you get the best visitation or custody arrangements. The lawyer will ensure that the parenting plan you develop with your former spouse works for you and your former spouse and addresses the needs of your kids.


A Divorce Lawyer Will Help with Child Support

Manukau Divorce LawyerIf you are seeking child support or if you are the one paying the child support, it is good to look for a good divorce lawyer. This is because a divorce lawyer can help set-up child support payments. In NZ childcare can be deducted from the income at source by the IRD and paid to the parent caring for the children. This ensures that payment is made. Your divorce lawyer will advise you on this issue.


A Divorce Lawyer Will Prepare Divorce Papers

Divorce papers are an important part of the divorce process and should be prepared when filing for divorce. A divorce lawyer knows how to prepare divorce papers in the best way possible and can help you with this. The lawyer can also help you respond to your former spouse’s petition for divorce. Keep in mind that there is a lot of paperwork to be filled out and filed with the court. You need help to produce complete paperwork without errors or omissions.


For help with a divorce in south Auckland, contact McVeagh Fleming, an experienced Manukau divorce lawyer.

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